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    Lightroom export to JPG - GPS Coordinates but no Country, City, Region, ...


      hey guys


      i have a little problem with my lightroom cc. eventually i could be the problem too, but let's see.


      i would like to export my full gps data as seen in lightroom with the metadata in the filename.

      for example: i made a picture in my hometown. so i have the gps coordinates on the lightroom map, and the iptc data in die metadata of the file. in the iptc fields are informations like "city", "country", "iso-country"; and so on. all of these fields are filled automatically from lightroom. but the text is grey.

      so the file would be named as "Germany - hometown - 3929.jpg".

      i thought. but it isn't.


      if i export one of these files, the grey text will not be exportet. but the gps coordinates will.  i have to right click these fields and confirm these data, to export it. otherwise the fields are empty, and the filename is "  3929.jpg"

      but i have to do this in every single file. why?! do i have to confirm 4 fields in every of my 10.000 files?! this would be a horror.


      i hope for any tips from you


      best regards