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    Typekit and saving errors on Windows 10




      I have built out an XD project in one file on my home laptop running windows 10. The file uses fonts from Typekit. I then downloaded XD to my 2nd laptop to allow me to work on this project from a different location. My XD file is in the cloud allowing me to work on it from this 2nd laptop. However, when I open it, I cannot save it once a single amend is made to the file. It also doesn't not render the typekit fonts - even when they are selected, it will serve the Segoe font, sometimes it will even crash when I try and change the font to a system font.


      When I open a blank project from this 2nd laptop, and make some additions to the file, I can save this fine. However, I have the same Typekit problems as before, it will not render them even though they are selectable as an option, and once selected, after 5 seconds will crash XD.


      I completely uninstalled the typekit fonts, signed out of Creative Cloud, uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled, restarted, reinstalled XD, reinstalled Typekits.... but same thing happens.


      Has anyone else experienced this XD bug and / or have any advice please?


      Note, the typekit fonts work fine in Illustrator / Indesign / Muse etc.


      Many thanks