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    Crop and resize exported png files


      I am trying to crop a large group of png files that have been imported into LR. The dialog for exporting does not allow for resizing when exporting to "Original" file format, and the crops that I set in LR are lost when the file is exported. All works fine if I export to jpg or psd.....

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Lightroom cannot export png files (other than the unedited unchanged original); if you want your edits (which includes the crop) and resizing to be in the exported file, JPG, PSD or TIF are your options.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            dj-paige has given the correct answer.


            Lightroom could not even import or view PNG files until v5 (if I am correct?)

            You will need to do all editing, cropping and saving of PNG files in Photoshop or another capable editor. (You can Ctrl+E:  Edit-in.).

            Lightroom, not being a 'pixel' editor, cannot edit files with 'transparent' areas.

            You can export from Lightroom as JPG, but any transparent areas are converted to white pixels and the file will no longer show transparency.

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