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    Advanced DataGrid - Autoscrolling

      I've noticed one bug/lack of feature in the ADG. In most tree views in operating systems, when you expand a tree and it expands beyond the current window size, the tree scrolls down to allow you to view the data. (For example, the folder tree in windows explorer)

      This is not the case in the ADG, if you expand the tree and the selected branch goes beyond the height of the control, nothing is done. (just expand all the nodes of the ADG in any of the examples http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=advdatagrid_06.html)

      I'm looking for something like an autoscroll or such that would allow the control to scroll down to display as much as possible of the currently expanded branch.

      Thanks for any help. I get the impression the only way I will understand Flex is by asking questions. Reading doesn't seem to help...there is no source with enough information or examples.