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    Space at top of column?

    keithconover Level 1

      I have a document that is mostly an outline. I have styles for the outline headings. I use "space above" instead of "space below" to space paragraphs, as it seems to work better in many ways. And I know that InDesign is supposed to ignore the "space above" setting if a paragraph is at the top of a column. (I do wish that InDesign worked like the late and somewhat lamented Ventura Publisher where you could turn this off or on.) But as in the picture below, one of my headings sticks to the top of the column, and the other doesn't. Yes, the "A." Paragraph Style heading is 12/12 point, but changing it to 10/12 point like the "1." Paragraph Style makes no difference.


      The settings in the Indents and Spacing panel are the same, including the Baseline options. I have hit a wall in trying to figure out why  Is it a bug? Is it related to some interaction with the Keep Options?


      Any help appreciated. InDesign-Training-Stds-Headings.jpg