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    Importing XHTML files into InDesign

    Geobop Level 1

      I watched Lynda.com's series of InDesign tutorials. I thought it looked reasonably easy, but I quickly wound up back at square one when I tried to create my own epub.


      One problem I'm hung up on is importing content. I created my project in Dreamweaver, then learned that M$ Word is the default program for manipulating epub content.


      So I previewed my Dreamweaver file in a browser and copied the text into a Word document, then imported it into InDesign. It works fairly well, but my superscripts don't survive, and it gives me all kind of code bloat - extra spans, styles, etc.


      I then discovered that I can easily open an exported epub with eCanCrusher and paste in one of my Dreamweaver files, after I've changed the extension to .xhtml.


      So I'd like to import ALL my book chapters that way. Can anyone explain the work flow or point me to a tutorial that explains how to do it? When I reopened my epub, I wasn't able to figure out how to access the .xhtml file I just added.