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    indexing question

    James G Maker

      Current system


      C: Samsung850EVO  OS & Programs

      E: Samsung960EVO  Assets and Exports currently being edited.

      L: WD4TB hard drive  for archiving all video&pictures after editing.


      I know that for top speed in crunching videos using PPro that it's recommended to turn Win7X64 indexing off.  After I recently replaced my 2 raid0 volumes and C:OS/Program Files, I can't find some of the files located on my new 4TB archive drive.  Using the search in Windows Explorer it can't even find the name "Steve" located in a window that's open with all the pics with the filename from the camera appended with Steve at the end of the name. 


      Is it ok to turn file indexing on for the drives that are not being used for reading video assets and writing exports to?  My 960EVO is only used for processing the videos and I assume indexing should be off for this drive.



      Can I turn on indexing for my C: & L:?


      Or, does the indexing use too much CPU when on in the background and exporting from PPro would take much longer?