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    11x17 booklet printing FRONT & BACK fold!!


      Alright who can do this!?


      I have 5 illustrator files. Each file has 10-30 artboards sized at 8.5"x11" --- set up as "spreads" "facing pages" so that I can then MIGRATE into indesign.


      I do this because I'm WAY better at illustrator. Indesign also takes too much time for me to edit, it's kind of annoying. But I'm trying, and I really want to be able to master this workflow. Because it's awesome, if it could actually work.


      In the .ai files I have text, pictures, line drawings, weird security pdfs, regular pds, all sorts of placed 'things'. Multiple files due to gigantic file sizes. I've made each illustrator file into .pdfs. I then go into indesign and set up 8.5x11 facing pages, getting ready to import the data and do this booklet fold magic.


      I use that pdf place-script and place each pdf like a wizard in seconds I'm ready to print.


      I go to print booklet. Now this is where I get confused. Because I want it to print on an 11x17 sheet and I want to fold it and have it be amazing. I can do this regularly (not double sided printing) and it's fine, I have no issues.


      Then I take about 2 hours to figure out how to print the booklet to the pdf correctly and then print to my printer double sided... and it never seems to work out. The one time i was able to get it to work out decently --- there were a bunch of EMPTY pages!? Or I try to do the printer booklet option and it tries to print 4 pages on the 11x17 and it won't let me change that. The only way I can get it to work is manually clicking print on both sides... but this gives me blank pages and I do not understand.


      PLEASE HELP. Is this something to do with sheet size? Am i saving the booklet wrong? Am I doing this completely wrong?