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    Only jQuery 3.x Appears to Work in Phonegap

    kvisten Level 1

      Hello fellow developers,


      I have this wierd problem with my Phonegap application. I am currently developing an app, and I would like to have swipe gesture to toggle the sidebar menu. I looked in to some of the best javascript mobile frameworks like jQuery Mobile and Zepto.js. The wierd problem now appears. jQuery Mobile requires jQuery 1.8, 1.11, 2.1 but when I apply these scripts to my index.html my app appears for a few seconds, but then a "Loading" text appears and the whole app turns in to a white blank space. I tried Zepto.js too, but no with no luck either.


      *I use the Phonegap simulator, but the problem also appears in desktop browser*


      Can someone explain why I can not use earlier versions of jQuery without having these problems?


      Thanks in advance.