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    Interactive Form fields aren't exporting with their borders showing....


      Hello all,


      I've created an interactive form in InDesign (current version), nad when I export the form there's a few problems I'm having. Perhaps you can help?


      I created text boxes, applied a border stroke to them, and then converted the text box to a form field, set for "text" and multiline. However, when the form exports all I see is a purple/blue box with no stroke. I'd love to just have the stroked box with no background at all, or at the very least the colored box with the stroke I set.


      If I export the form as a regular print pdf (non-interactive), the border stroke doesn't show up either. The only way I can get the border stroke to appear is if I convert the interactive field back to a regular (non interactive) object. Any help to get me where I want to be?  Thanks!