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    RH2015 Responsive HTML5 and Microsoft Edge

    ColdForest Level 1

      I'm seeing the following page display in Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) when displaying the main page of my Responsive HTML5 output:

      This remains indefinitely. I was told by Adobe support (TCS Support) to perform the following steps:


      1. Close MS Edge if it is open.
      2. Go to Control Panel> Internet options> Security Tab> Click on Trusted Sites> Then click on Sites
      3. Uncheck the option of “Require server verification (https: ) for all sites in this zone.”
      4. If you are publishing your project somewhere on the C drive of your computer then type file://C in the “add this site in the zone” field and click Add.
      5. Then click on close > click ok


      However, this didn't have any effect. The same set of generated HTML5 loads fine in Edge if it's hosted on a network drive. This does seems to be related to local file/site settings, but the above sequence didn't seem to be enough to alter this.


      Does anyone else have any ideas? The same output works perfectly fine in IE, Firefox, and Chrome.


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