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    Why does text disappear and how do I stop it from happening?

    paulw92121 Level 1

      I was working with a PDF document using Acrobat Pro DC. I needed to respond to questions and place text in table cells. The "Fill and Sign" tool did not work with this document so I used the "Edit PDF>>Add Text" tool. I had no problem clicking on the pages (about 75 pages) and entering the text. I saved the document. Later I had to add more text and edit the text I had already added. Again there was no problem. The third time I needed to add or edit text I looked at my previous additions and half the text disappeared. The text box where the text had been was still there just was empty. Some of the text boxes still contained part of the text (e.g. in a City, State, Zip box the City and State disappeared but the Zip was still there).


      Can anyone tell me why this happened and can I do anything to prevent this from happening again?