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    Files has disappeared and were replaced by generic pics

    Stéphane Marpaud

      Hello to all.


      After working around 4 days on a new project on After Effects, it was the time for the rendering step.

      So I went to the "Add to the rendering file" (sorry if it is not exactly the right terms here, as I am french, and with a french version of AE)

      I just did 1 thing : I changed the "destination" for the rendered file (as there were none registered yet).


      A few second later and my AE file seemed to be destructed. All my pictures have been transformed into 7 colored generic pics. When I opened again the file I had this message : 22 files can not be found since last record.


      I opened older saved files of the same work, andfor all  I have the same strange process.



      What did I do wrong ? Thank you for your help.