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    Why do all my attempts to install Flash fail?


      I recently had to have my os (Windows XP) uninstalled and reinstalled in my computer.  Now I cannot install Adobe Flash player.  I have tried numerous times but the results are always "installation has failed."


      I have gone to the archives page and told it I wanted Flash for Windows XP, but it still fails.


      I use Mozilla Firefox and have read that might be the problem.  I have marked my browser as Firefox (along with my OS as XP) and it still fails to install every single time.


      I do not at this time have Adobe Flash on this computer, so there is nothing to uninstall.  I have attempted to enable Adobe Flash in the  add ons section of my browser, but no option for enabling Adobe Flash yet exists there.


      I am locked out of numerous video sites and don't like html5.  Why am I apparently doing everything right but none of it is working?