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    InDesign CC Build Takes 1 minute to save file

    Robbie Destocki

      I am running a 27" Apple iMac with 16GB Memory, 3.5 Ghz processor using Adobe Creative Cloud, InDesign CC Build


      When I save any InDesign file it takes sometimes up to 1 minute, I have deleted the preferences , I have deleted then entire program then re-loaded it via my Creative Cloud account and nothing has seemed to work.


      I also use Photoshop and Illustrator and do not have the same problem.


      I save the files locally and then within that local folder it backs up to Dropbox, however I have not had this problem with it taking so long to save files until this past few weeks. So, I am not sure if it's a InDesign thing, a Dropbox thing or my drive? But like I said, Photoshop and Illustrator do not even take that long to save, just InDesign.


      Any help would be so much appreciated!

      Thank you