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    can't uninstall PS 2017 due to email error

    gaillard leej23551829

      What the heck is wrong with adobe ?


      I can't imagine being a paying customer, and having to deal with such insanity.


      I want this very badly designed UNinstaller ( PS itself is amazing, but NOT after this! ) off my hard drive, yet its demanding I check my email ,for what ?


      When I uninstall, its MY choice, why is it demanding I check my email.


      I installed it, why this choke hold over wanting to uninstall something from MY computer ?


      This is insane.


      After this I"ll forget about ever hearing the name adobe.


      The email I used had a typo, so I can't use it even if I wanted to.


      I have no software, professional or otherwise, that demands I get an email to get rid of it.


      Not great pr adobe, lose lose.


      I demand to know, immediatley., if not sooner, how to remedy this incredibly insulting situation.


      If you think I'm a bit annoyed, you wouldn't be wrong.;)


      Security reasons, whatever, I still think its insane to require this given I have no other software that does this, nor did I use the software to any conclusions during trial.


      With trials like this, Ican't imagine the 'real thing' lol


      thx (?)