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    Would this be a standard license or an extended license?


      I am working on making a card game and I would like to use two separate vector images from the stock site.  I will be combining these two vectors in a scene that incorporates them with one being the primary focus larger and up front, and the other being smaller and in the background.  All the setting and other surrounding vectors will be created by me.  This compiled image will be the cover art for my game box and be featured on some social media sites and promotional material.  In addition, the vector image that has primary focus on the cover will be used in conjunction with my card games name to form the image for the back of the cards and may also appear on promotional material or social media sites.  The images combined together in the setting on the box cover simply represent the concept of the game.  I don't know what the game will do sales-wise and am doubtful if it will be over 500,000+ runs (I'd be happy with a few hundred, but may end up with just a few for friends and family).  Which license do I need for the two vector images?