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    Multiple Language options (Farsi and English) in InDesign CC 2017

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      Hello all,


      I'll keep this short and sweet.


      I need a way to imput farsi into InDesign CC 2017 but still keep the english settings, the one thread I could find on this mentioned the  following:


      You have to install additional to your installation a MENA version.

      After installing your primary language (e.g. English or German), open the CC application, change the Application Language to somethng which supports RTL like Arabic.

      When you set up a new document now, you can change the binding, set up the paragraph styles with farsi (fonts and othr features)

      Work with it.


      However I am unsure as to what it means to open the CC application. Can someone help with some more specific instructions as to where I will find this option or indeed if they have another work around without me needing to outline in Illustrator as its proving to be time consuming and I cant get my text to flow as a result.


      Please keep in mind that I need to keep the app in English.


      Fingers crossed




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