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    Corrupted .fla File, help


      Was wondering if anyone would be willing to try to un-corrupt my fla file. I tried myself and kinda failed so I got desperate and made this topic.
      If it can't be fixed then no worries, I'll just.... Drink a lot of energy drinks...
      Here's the file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5s4zln45dsblmo1/TheAnimeManAnimation.fla


      It still has a lot of kilobytes so I figured I could somehow just be able to save the drawings so I don't have to redraw... a lot..
      I don't really have any symbols or anything. Just the drawings.


      I learned my lesson by the way.. Forever making multiple copies and backing up.. I know, I know..
      Also no, I do not have a swf file I've been using Animate CC


      Thanks for reading!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you may be able to salvage, at least, some part of your work by renaming the corrupt fla as a rar file and using winrar to 'repair' it.  then rename the repaired rar to a fla and try opening in animate cc.  i've never had that work for me, but it's worth a try.


          but even if when that fails, you can usually unrar your renamed fla and salvage, at least, some of your work.  again, it's worth a try.

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            Eatboxman Level 1

            Hey thanks for replying. I tried all the above with winRAR already (I renamed the file to .rar, tried extracting it, just got an error message) then I tried changing it to .rar and opening it up on winrar and doing the repair to zip and also repair to rar and both just came up with an error message or an empty file. I renamed it back to ,fla anyways to see if it could open but nope.


            I was wonder if anyone else could try because it's odd that the file still has a lot of kilobytes left in it...
            Or if there is some other method for recovering a corrupted file..


            So I'm doomed right? Just say it now doctor, i'm prepared..

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you're doomed as far as i can see.  i couldn't fix that with winrar, ziptofix, yodot rar repair or remo repair rar.


              the best you can do, is to prevent that from happening in the future.


              to prevent that, each save should have a different name.  eg, if i have a project called farm_aid, i save as farm_aid_v000.fla, farm_aid_v001.fla, farm_aid_v002 etc.


              i created a jsfl file, added it to my commands directory and created a shortcut, so after naming the first save as farm_aid.fla, the _vxyz is automatically appended when using my shortcut (ctrl-shift-s, in my case).   (if you're interested, i'll supply that jsfl file and walk you through the steps to use it.)


              also, save often.  a typical project for me will have several hundred versions.  i periodically delete the oldest ones and only save the last 10 or 20 in case i need to return to an older version.


              also, all my code is in class files and i've never had one get corrupted.  if i'm about to make a major change in a class file and i don't want to risk losing the older class file, i'll save it as ClassNameBU.as so i have a backup.

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                Eatboxman Level 1

                Ah yes, I figured I was doomed. It's alright, I just bought 10 energy drinks and I'm just ganna grind the animation out and redraw everything. Thanks for trying to help I appreciate it! I lost about 25 detailed drawings so it isn't TOO bad it could be worse.

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  take steps to prevent it from ever happening again.  it's not unusual for a fla to get corrupted.

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                    GraalPK Level 1

                    oh crap. now i have to reanimate it. that was my best animation and i need it back! it has lots of files and a character there. i don't want to remake it. so i can't do anything about it. i usually save in one file since it saves up space. if i do it lots of times, then that means i won't have space to do anything for my show again.

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                      GraalPK Level 1

                      btw i can't do a thing with my swf. i have a crappy decompiler, and it doesn't bring back every asset, it brings back a few assets, but not all of them. so i'm doomed unless i buy a decompiler that can bring back it all. the swf has some of it lost. so i need some better advice.

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                        kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        if you have time you can wait to see if someone else offers to help.  otherwise, you can restart your work or hire me to work on it.

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                          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          You could put the swf somewhere we can see it, then at least we can tell you what results come from other decompilers.

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                            thanks adobe coders this is a wonderful piece of software (if you want to quit animation)