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    Rich Text Formatting and Java Script Editable PDF

    Karen Thring Level 1

      So, through this forum, (thank you  Almir R V Santos ) I have learned how to have text displayed when I have created editable text boxes in acrobat that have set character spacing by inserting in to Custom Format Scripts in Text Field Properties......


      var text = event.value;
      if (!text) {
      = "Your name here";

      = text.split("").join(" ");
      event.value = text;


      Can we take this one step further and allow Rich Text Formatting so that the client can go into the Reader enabled version and change text size and color?

      I have been trying to work this out for over a year! You can certainly tick rich Text Formatting but it does not allow text size, font etc changes in Reader, only actual wording. What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance!

      Karen Thring