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    Hyperlinking in Reflowable Epub

    Geobop Level 1

      I want to create a reflowable epub with superscripts linked to footnotes in an appendix. I'm not sure what I should link to. Ordinarily I would link to a page, but a footnote could wind up on any number of pages if it's reflowable, couldn't it? Or does InDesign assign a constant page number for a block of text?


      If I want to link to page 546, what would the link look like in my HTML? I can't import text into InDesign, so I have to format my hyperlinks using BBEdit.


      I created a hyperlink as an example, but I only had one page in my project, so the link looks like this: <a href=""><span class="Hyperlink CharOverride-1">TEXT</span></a>


      I'd just like to know what the hyperlink looks like in the HTML, so I can figure out how to write it. I'm guessing something like this:


      <a href="page-546"><span class="Hyperlink CharOverride-1">TEXT</span></a>



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          Geobop Level 1

          On second thought, my epub will consist of several chapters, each represented by a different "document." So if my footnote is in a document named "Appendix6," would I link to it @ <a href="/Chapter10#112">112</a>?

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            Why not use InDesign's hyperlink panel.

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              Geobop Level 1

              I've checked out the hyperlink panel and watched a few tutorials, but I'm still confused.


              Here are a hyperlink and text anchor I created with the hyperlink panel:


              <p class="Basic-Paragraph">I am a <a id="_idTextAnchor001"></a><a href="#A1" title="Reverse Link">TEXT ANCHOR</a>.</p>


              And here's a hyperlink that points to it:


              <a href="#_idTextAnchor001" id="A1" title="Link">LINK</a>


              If both items are on different pages in the same document, it works fine. But if they're in different documents within the same book, it doesn't work at all.


              To clarify, I created a series of documents, each one representing a chapter in my book. Then I created a book and imported all of the documents into it. When I export it as an epub, it works fine - I can page through all the chapters. But the internal links don't work.


              I'm doing a lot of this work with BBEdit, modifying files in a published epub. InDesign is proving very hard to work with. But my link works when the link and anchor are both in the same document. Any idea what the problem is?

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                Geobop Level 1

                Problem solved. I was just writing links and/or anchors incorrectly. I now understand how linking in epubs works, and everything's working fine.