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    Camera Raw "Open Image" button does nothing...

    phototoyo Level 1

      ...in a certain scenario; let me explain.


      If this belongs in the Bridge community, please let me know.


      Currently running CC 2017 on OS 10.11.6.

      Working with .CR2 files from 5D Mk II and Mk III


      I've opened Bridge and navigated to the .CR2 files in question. Select a file and "open in Camera Raw" either by keyboard shortcut, button or right-click. Make adjustments in camera raw and then click "open image." Nothing happens. Photoshop is suppose to launch, but it doesn't. No error message is received. I've reset photoshop and bridge settings to no avail. I was having this issue with 2015.5 before the upgrade to 2017 as well. This is an institutional copy running on an institutional machine (but no fancy configurations, etc).


      I can only get raw files to launch from bridge if I double-click them. This launches photoshop and then camera raw. Adjustments can be made and the "open image" button will send the image to Photoshop with no problems.


      I realize this may be splitting hairs, but it used to work via the "open in camera raw" path.


      Anyone seeing similar issues or have a fix?