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    How do I create two interchangeable layers of text?

    Nashville Copywriter



      I am new to IndesignCC. I want to create an e-book which can be later converted for use with various e-readers. The book will be a dual-language book with one main language, and the other language hidden below the main (first) layer of text. The book would be for language learners.


      1. What is the basic method for hiding the English translation below the original language, and how is it made visible?


      2. Would one double-tap a word (or, even a sentence or a paragraph) in order to see the translation? Could I differentiate between translating by word, sentence, and by paragraph (if I wanted to)? I don't want to simply only translate the whole page because (with some words) I want to offer more than one possible translation for that word.


      3. In addition to that, could a button be placed in a corner for translating the entire page (as opposed to only one word, sentence, or paragraph at a time)?


      4. If I wanted also to create a layer where every sentence in a paragraph is separated into separate sentences with its corresponding English translation below it, how would I do that without interfering with the other uses I intend for the book?


      5. What would be the best way to link a foreign word on the first layer to its glossary entry while maintaining the second layer's position and without creating a problem between linking to the second layer and linking to the glossary?


      6. Will the final product be easily convertible to other file types for various e-readers (while maintaining the usage I intend for it)?


      Thank you very much for any help you provide.


      Have a great day.


      - Jim