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    Problem with Adobe CS 5.5 Firworks installation Win 10


      Hi there,


      my Fireworks isntallation halts because of errors. I use Window 10 and I'll get these errors:


      Exit Code: 7


      -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------


      - 1 fatal error(s), 2 error(s), 1 warning(s)


      WARNING: DW031: Payload:{2EBE92C3-F9D8-48B5-A32B-04FA5D1709FA} Adobe XMP Panels CS5 has been updated and has been selected for repair. The patch {42774483-D33C-46F7-8B20-FD0B1A3DAC25} Adobe XMP Panels CS5_3.1_AdobeXMPPanelsAll will be uninstalled now.


      ERROR: DW020: Found payload conflicts and errors:


      ERROR: DW020:  - Adobe Flash CS5.5 depends on Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX to be installed.


      FATAL: DW020: Conflicts were found in the selected payloads. Halting installation.




      Could someone help me what to do? All other Adobe Desing programmes istallations went ok.