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    Can't open old project.



      How to solve this?

      I tried to install versions Preview 1 (X65) from After CC 2015:

      Then I tried to install Preview 4 (x184) From After


      Which After Effect's version should I download to find the Preview 3?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          You'll need AE 2015.1 I believe.


          Unavoidable changes were made in Preview 4 that rendered some of the old rigging techniques obsolete. Hopefully we never have to do this again. You could also re-import your PSD or AI file into the latest version, but you would have to re-rig it. And obviously if you have anything recorded then you'd have to open it in the old version to play it back.


          For my puppets, I re-rigged them - it took a while but the new features and performance enhancements were worth it.

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            deciog72409011 Level 1

            Thanks Dave.
            Upgrade AE 2015 to AE 2015.2 alowed me to open the old project.