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    Error compiling movie: Unknown error


      Hi all,


      Just recently pulled out a copy of Premiere Elements 13 I had lying around and tried to use it to edit a video. Everything works smoothly...until I try to render. The moment it tries to do anything, it gives up with the message: "Error compiling movie: Unknown error".


      I've read through various other threads on this issue, but none of them quite match mine - this is a very short project (1 minute 30 seconds), I do have plenty of disk space, there's not much intermixing of weird file formats (MTS for camcorder video, AVI from After Effects for a single animation), and I did make the necessary sacrifices of Coke and pizza to the computer overlords. I've tried rendering tiny work areas, disabling auto-save...the works. No such luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?



      As mentioned, Premiere Elements 13

      Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

      Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745

      24 GB RAM

      3 TB HDD, about 300 GB available for this (I dual boot and Windows is the secondary)


      Thanks in advance!