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    Lock Layer in Sketch

    evmitch Level 1

           Good morning Sketch Forums!


      Having read all the posts about the limited layer functionality and the resulting ire, I am still baffled as to why I cannot lock a layer in Sketch.    Now, I haven't slept in 36 hours and my coffee is just coming online for a final wind so I may be having a moment and not be seeing how to do it but....


      Can a layer be locked and if not, its definitely a reqeust!  If I could combine the brush and color genius of Sketch with the logistic and metrics of Concepts....well I would shake the illegitimate cheeto's hand.  Well.... no probably not actually but it would be a really nice feature for so many reasons! 


      I agree with a lot of the sentiment on here that Adobe's mobile apps are incomplete.  Going from a comps mock up to muse is almost insulting, Draw is cool but lacks the creativity of Sketch, navigating/organizing around the iOS Creative Cloud app is like teaching my grandmother how to use her cell phone every time.   I have been and will remain an avid adobe everything user but y'all are coming up real short with your mobile apps where it should have been a slam dunk.   I am not blaming programmers, or you dear forums liaison,  as I am sure there is some corporate idiocy hindering any number of brillaint ideas.   But do pass this along to all who will listen...  this isn't the 90s or 00s anymore and the market is rife with competition that is pulling me further away from your ecosystem every day!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Evan.


          Thanks so much for your enlightening (and super entertaining) post. It was a joy to read.  A couple of things:


          * Nope. Locking layers. Not yet. It is a request I'm seeing more often though, so maybe....

          * About the shortcomings of our mobile apps, a bit of information that might help make sense of the reason that they are what they are: When they were introduced, it was with particular idea in mind, that they would be a great place to begin, and perhaps quickly develop, an idea, a design, a drawing. They were never intended as a place to finish, or almost finish, work. But, things have changed. For one, people began using them in ways that we hadn't anticipated (we thought they would be digital sketchbooks). But also... iPad Pro.


          These two things have required that the product teams begin to view the apps differently. And thanks to customer feedback, like yours, they're able to do that with specific focus. But, it's also important that the teams have a concrete idea of where they want the apps to end up. And that takes time.


          So I guess what I'm saying is, hang in there. New features, new functions, and changes will come/are coming. In the meantime keep sharing feature suggestions because the product teams sees/hears all of it. (It's a special pleasure to be able to share feedback like yours.)



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            evmitch Level 1

            To whom can I leave good word about your superior customer service and brand integrity skills?


            I totally get it and have understood that from the early days as a beta tester: apps were just to germinate an idea and propel it forward to desktop.  The thing for me was the apps were so delicious it left me wanting more, and this became doubly frustrating for new users who were mere tyro's with adobe desktop beasts. They're like, wait where's the simplicity of the apps?  HOWEVER, this does not mean the more seasoned desktop users are thrilled when their hard earned and coveted desktop functionality gets dumbed down to app levels, e.g. Lightroom.


            What your telling us is to be patient while analysis is performed and new features rolled out or entirely new apps will be developed.   But Sue!! This is 2016 and sh!t moves exponentially faster and...I guess I'm such an adobe fanboy that when Adobe isnt quick to implement advanced functionality, set trends, see ahead of the cutting edge, I get a little bummed out!  Like I said, I grew up in the Adobe ecosystem and I liked it there a lot around cs5-6 but cc exploded and now its kind of a mess, so much so I've sought out other solutions (and I'm just an asshat in a hot tub with a waterproof iPad Pro so I can't imagine the angst true professionals are feeling).


            So when can we expect an iPad Pro app that allows us to control desktop programs with a stylus á la Wacom?  Cuz yowza. The current offerings blow and I bet Adobe would win back the hearts of many a disenchanted user with this....justsayin !

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              It's actually 2017. Which means... expectations are even higher.


              I can't speak to the desktop apps, but I can say that's there's a vision and a plan for the mobile drawing apps that, as you so eloquently put it, DON'T "blow."


              Thanks again for insightful, intelligent, and wonderfully well-written comments. They will be shared.




              By the way, did you get my email? I sent it to the addy that you use for the forums.

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                evmitch Level 1

                I did not get your email!  I am messaging you now. 

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                  I know this is a few mos late...but check out Astropad! It's amazing.

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                    adamt21608335 Level 1

                    Any movement on locking layers? Accidentally always clicking into the wrong layer with my palm is one of very few things keeping me from using ProCreate for everything. Would also be incredible to have some selection/warping tools for refining sketches/concepts in a more direct manner.

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                      Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                      Hi Adam.


                      Layer lock does get requested occasionally, and I know the product team discusses it, but I haven't heard any mention of immediate plans for incorporating it in the app.


                      Most people get around it by just hiding the layers completely, by tapping the layers icon in the upper nav, when they're working so they don't accidentally rest a hand on it. I realize that's not the same thing as being able to lock them, but I just don't know when this feature might make it into the app.


                      I'll definitely share your comments with the product team.