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    Two sets of actions

    lucienp8924865 Level 1

      I am reading up on how to organize my actions into separate groups. one for layers, tools, etc. When I load the folder containing my actions from within Photoshop, it pops up with the first two actions I recorded. Since then I have recorded several other actions. If I click on the folder on my desktop all the actions I have completed pop up and then I have two sets of my actions. I have done a search on my computer for any .atn files. The only file showing is my action.atn file? It's driving my crazy.


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          An *.atn file is a set of action.  The file extension ATN is associated with Photoshop and if yo double click in one in File Explored on windows Photoshop will be started and Photoshop will load the action set into the action palette.  If Photoshop was open  Photoshop will just load the action set into actions palette.  If you double click on it again Photoshop will load the action set into the action palette. You will have two copies of the action set in your actions palette.  You can through the actions sets in the actions palette into the action palette trash. and you will have none.  You will not lose your ATN file.  When Photoshop load an action set into your actions palette.  Photoshop load a copy of the action set into your Photoshop preferences file ActionPalette.psp.   You should have more than your atn file on your disk. Photoshop install set into presets.  I do not keep my actions on my C: disk  I save and load my I have on E:  You can see from my screen capture I have many versions of Photoshop installed on me C:  Each version of Photoshop have the same action sets.  My actions are on e:


          Crafting Actions Package UPDATED Aug 10, 2014 Added Conditional Action steps to Action Palette Tips.


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            Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

            Perhaps this may shed some light on what/where things are and how they work:


                Photoshop – Custom Action File Backup & Migration

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              lucienp8924865 Level 1

              Thanks so much. I spent two hours trying to delete the first set that opens in Photoshop. Tried moving, renaming, deleting (which would delete them altogether). I didn't know you could have duplicate sets. I have been opening actions both thru File Explore and in Photoshop's Action Panel. What confused me is when I click here, only the first two action sets I finished show:

              open action in photoshop.jpg

              When I double click File Explore all nine sets pop up:

              file explore actions.jpg

              I am to embarrassed to toggle the actions on, the Lasso Tool would fill a letter size page of add/subtract steps.


              After doing a search there is only one .atn file on my disk (Lucky's Actions) that I created. I checked with my brother and he said when you buy a computer through Amazon you get as is. Now that I think of it, I also purchased a laptop through Amazon a few years back. It has Windows XP and Photoshop CS5 on it. Darn, touchpad froze up on it a couple of weeks ago so I will take it to my brother to trouble shoot. Hoping he can fix it because I like to play with it when watching TV in the evenings rather than sit at desk. Maybe I have .atn files on that. I started out playing with Photoshop,wondering if I could sharpen old family photos. Went through a slew of Steve Patterson's tutorials. Then I found Pencilmation tutorials online and got side tracked with that. Trying to draw with the mouse is a challenge so until I get a tablet, it's back to Photoshop. Loving it!

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                Bojan Živković Adobe Community Professional

                In the second screenshot you have one action set (folder icon) with nine actions (not actions sets). If you want to split actions then click on folder icon at the bottom of Actions panel to create new set and drag actions from Lucky's Actions into that, newly created set. Save both sets: Lucky's Actions save over existing on hard drive to overwrite it.

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                  lucienp8924865 Level 1

                  Aaaagh, need to get new print cartridge. I have a hard time reading instructions online so I will download your tutorials; can't wait to try them out. In the meantime I will read through them first, which my brother is always telling me to do. He's my go to person when I do something that messes up my computer. I purchased a wireless printer so I could sign up for Instant Ink offer, only haven't been able to hook up printer to modem. Another Aaagh! Thank you for this post. Lucie

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                    lucienp8924865 Level 1

                    OMG, I just typed a response. I think I clicked on "Reply to original post" and the response I just typed disappeared. Anyway, I thought the folder icon was a Group, where all the sets containing my actions were stored. I have a way of making mountains out of molehills. I envision a lot of mountains on the horizon. Anyway, when I save my Action set, I delete the first set. Then I save the second set in Lucky's actions folder on my desktop. If I deleted the first set and saved just the set with nine actions, shouldn't that overwrite the file with just that second set since I deleted the first step before saving?  JJMack offered up some tutorials that might help, but I am out of ink so saved them to my desktop until I can print them out. I have a hard time reading online. Thanks so much. I appreciated your explanation of the difference between the one folder set) which stores your actions.

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                      Bojan Živković Adobe Community Professional

                      Open set Lucky's Actions with 9 actions. Create new set (click on folder icon at the bottom of Actions panel) and give it unique name like Lucky's Actions 2. Drag 7 actions from Lucky's Actions set with 9 actions to that folder and save it as Lucky's Actions 2.

                      Save Lucky's actions where now you should have only 2 actions to overwrite existing set (with 9 actions previously opened).

                      Now you have Lucky's Actions set with 2 actions instead of 9 and another set: Lucky's Actions 2 with 7 actions.

                      When saving you must select set (Lucky's Actions or Lucky's Actions 2) then to save it using Actions panel menu > Save Actions. To select set just click on folder icon or letters with the name of that folder (set).

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                        lucienp8924865 Level 1

                        Done. Lucky's Actions 2 has all 9 steps. Can't I just get rid of Lucky's Actions set (as the actions are duplicated in Lucky's Actions 2) altogether? Just curious and many thanks for taking the time to respond?

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                          Bojan Živković Adobe Community Professional

                          Probably you can. Please watch this video before deleting Lucky's Actions set Actions sets basics.mp4 - Google Drive

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                            lucienp8924865 Level 1

                            Wow, finally got it. Ha Ha moment! Thanks.