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    Best mac to buy with PP '17?

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      My department primarily edits 1080p video for small projects(simple 3 min videos or trailers) and we are looking to do more AE with our work. We are looking to purchase a Mac for a new employee, but I'm having trouble finding reliable advice on which mac to get. The '16 MBP seems like a poor choice, and from what I've read, AMD doesn't always play nice with PP and AE, although I've seen conflicting data online.


      Can anyone advise as to which mac is best for us? We have a few terabytes of video, but will never get into 4k or any 3d rendering. Mac Pro is overkill, seems the best route is either an iMac(current or used?) or an older MBP. Thoughts?


      Thank you!

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          i have seen several threads here with folks having problems with amd video cards, as well as mac os. im not sure if everything is resolved or still some ongoing issues, its difficult to keep track of all the problems/bugs with premiere...


          for the hardware, an imac will have slightly better/faster hardware options, but the mbp would give the option of portability. looking at some older models of both, the 2013 models seem to be the last with any nvidia video cards, which on the mbp is a very slow nvidia video card. intel hasn't made much gain in performance with their cpu's over the last several years, so the 2013 mac models are pretty close for cpu performance. the new imac and mbp have amd video cards, but both have decent performance options available. the cpu will be most important for fast performance, the mbp has laptop version i7 cpu's which can be 15-20% slower than the desktop i7's in the imac.

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            If you're doing 3d work for games you might as well build your own traditional Windows pc since 3ds max runs only in Windows and most games and simulators run in Windows. You can also play with the latest Gfx cards this way. No point in spending the extra premium on a Mac when the majority of 3d game stuff is for windows. I love Ben think the .dds plugin for Photoshop is only for the windows version.

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              Don't buy a iMac 5k for design... Looks fantastic, but Adobe Illustrator falls over miserably. Becomes a clunky waste of hard drive space and performs at a snail's pace. No good at all.

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                I was wondering what you ended up with? I'm in a similar boat and a bit overwhelmed by all the choices and info out there. Thanks!