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    Avid Animation Renders Are All Bad - Matted Not Straight Despite The Settings

    Brad L. Level 1

      For alpha animations heading to the Avid suites I am using DNxHD HQ 8-bit with uncompressed Alpha, RGB + Alpha, Millions of Colors+, Straight (Unmatted). Pretty normal stuff there. Also I have to check Preserve RGB on the Color Management tab to match up to the Rec 709 Avid is working in.


      Prior to this I was using ProRes and Animation codec from a Mac but being on a PC now I have tried to move to a DNxHD codec workflow for the Editors to speed up the imports and decrease the filesize on the animations. The issue I have now discovered is the DNxHD is NOT Straight or Non Pre-Multiplied as we like to say regardless of what the settings say. It is in fact Pre-Mulitplied. I hadn't noticed until I had a white text animation random fading in over a bright shot and it was going all gray on the fading parts and I happened to be standing there in the edit room when he imported it. We had some issues before on the animations not looking good and now I know why, they were all matted.


      Anyone else dealing with this? Work around other than going back to Animation codec? Adobe, is this a bug? I'll do some testing and see if AME is any different but I doubt it.


      Thanks for any replies!