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    Hard Drive crash - how to get my catalog and previews re-installed


      My hard drive crashed and I installed a new drive.  My photos are always on a stand-alone external drive and, fortunately, i was able to recover some LR files that were on my crashed (internal) drive.


      I have re-installed LR 5.0, copied (from crashed drive) the BACKUP folder, PREViEW folder and LRCAT to the new internal hard drive (same User->Libraries->Pictures->Lightroom folder).


      However, when I run LR (and attach the drive with my photos), only a subset of the images are available.  I know I haven't lost the images but want to be able to see them and the edits I've made over the years. 


      Any suggestions?


      I like to keep these folders on my internal drive for performance and images on external drive for safety.