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    roto brush tool does not outline


      hi there,

      I have after effects 2017, i try to get my roto brush tool to outline a foreground figure [on its own layer] and the green line is visible and draws but when i let go of mouse, it just disappears and no outline is being made. What am i doing wrong? or what setting is not correct?

      really appreciate some help, thanks!!

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional
          what setting is not correct?

          you should first get familiar with Rotobrush before starting to use it since it's not intuitive  (like most of Ae). type rotobrush in the search field at the upper right corner of your Ae interface and get cracking.


          if you still have questions, share some information about your software (version number), Os (same), setup, footage, composition - show some screenshots and specify the steps you take so we can better assist you.

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            S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

            The only time I've encountered something that seems like what you're describing is when I've forgotten to enable keyframing on my Mask Path prior to drawing with the Roto Brush. Perhaps that's what's happening?

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi EdieArt,

              How terribly frustrating. Are you still having trouble with rotobrush? Did the experts' advice here help at all? Please let us know if it did or if you still need help.