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    How to change sort order from JPEG + RAW (JPEG + RAF) to RAW + JPEG ?

    vandanacathy Level 1



      I've always been a Canon camera owner. Recently I switched to Fuji so now instead of having CR2 + JPEG files it has JPEG + RAF which unfortunately changes the sort order in Lightroom.


      When editing I want RAW JPEG RAW JPEG RAW JPEG as I scroll through my photos... it's similar to BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER.

      It drives me crazy to see JPEG RAW JPEG RAW JPEG RAW... AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE etc.


      JPEG RAW is the order I see the files in on the card so I was hoping there was some way I could change that order in camera but the Fuji forum folks have explained it's all due to J coming before R alphabetically  whereas with Canon C came before J.


      What to do?

      I also sort by time shot. I use Lightroom 6.

      Is there some sort of custom order I can create?


      Please advise. Thanks!