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    Can I change the size of a DNG file in ACR ??


      Working with ACR v, Win XP Pro SP3.

      I convert my D800 NEF files to DNG using the Adobe DNG converter v 7.1.

      I need to reduce the size if my DNG's for quicker upload to a client's editors in Asia

      I recall reading somewhere something by (I believe) Thomas Knoll that the file size below the large image panel in ACR is a link that can be used to change file size.

      Sure enough.. then I change the size using the menu that opens and save the edited files out as jepgs.. works fine.  The new jepg files come up sized with the new reduces size.

      But.. then I follow the exact same procedure and try to save the files as DNG's.. they save out as the original size.

      Can I reduce my DNG size any way with ACR?  If not.. how?


      One of my main clients requires that I upload only RAW files to their editors in Asia.  I'm using my D800 body instead of my D3 because of the camera's excellent vitrtual horizon that levels both ways  (the D3 body only levels side to side).

      Their editors can't read my native D800 NEF's, and can read my converted DNG's.

      I work on a mobile broadband connection and the data caps and expense for what I need are killing me


      Thnx in advance..

      CDM NYC