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    Head turner without frontal


      I have a behavior Head turner on my puppet with 4 head. 2 quarter, 2 profile and no frontal. (I dont want my puppet looks on camera). each head has a cycle transition from the previous quarter profile. everything works perfectly, but it seems that CA determines one of the two quarter as the default. then, while on one side the transition from one quarter to profile works, the other not. how can i turn the head well?

      head issue.jpghead issue2.JPGhead issue3-head group behaviors.JPG

      head issue4-quarter situation.JPGhead issue5-profile situation.JPG

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          If you take the keyboard trigger off of one of the view groups, that should make it the default I believe?


          Another thing you could do is just trick it and move everything over by one. So imagine if you ignored right profile, and instead tagged your right profile as a right quarter, right quarter as frontal, etc.


          Worst case scenario, you could completely get rid of Head Turner and just do things via key triggers - then the views/names don't really matter. You could have 20 unnamed head states and trigger between them, for example.

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            steg67937142 Level 1

            Now it works. It seems to be a layer's issue. I change the name (because they were reversed) and i put the profiles on top of the quarters. probably for the cycle layer?

            Thanks a lot!

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Hmm interesting - glad that worked! I haven't seen a non frontal setup like this before so good to know...