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    Rendering in AME from AE

    benn25106859 Level 1

      I have a two hour long video which I'm trying to render in H.264 and the Youtube preset. I split it up into 6 files (20 mins each) and sent it off into AME. The first three files are all done however as it goes on, the speed at which it renders slows down quite considerably and having just started the fourth one, its saying something stupid like 161 hours (despite the first one completing in under 3). I have tried closing AME and restarting my computer, only to find that the length of time stays the same. I don't really want to render it in AE as I prefer the customization options in AME. Also the reason why I split it into 6 seperate files in the  first place was due to it getting to half-way then basically stopping. Any help appreciated, thanks!

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          imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

          Ok... so there may be several reasons but most probable is that in that third part of movie you have something more complicated like a 3D model, raytraced 3D text or something? Is that correct? Or 100% of movie is with the same kind of of effects?

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            benn25106859 Level 1

            It's completely the same all the way through. It's just a music thing so there's about 30 songs with an audio visualisation in the background, so the effects are the same all the way through.

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi benn,

              This sounds rather unusual. Sorry you're experiencing this phenomenon. Not sure exactly what is going on here. I'd check the following:

              • Check compositon settings > 3D renderer and make sure you're in "Classic 3D" mode.
              • In AME make sure GPU acceleration is enabled.
              • Reboot the computer after encoding the first few files


              Sorry I don't have better troubleshooting steps for you, but if you try these, please let us know if they helped you solve your issue or not. If not, we can try another approach.