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    Lightroom Page Text won't display meta data titles across all pages.

    Sanpanza Level 1

      In the book module, I cannot get the page text fields to populate with the "title" field in the metadata (Library Mode).  For instance I ender "XYZ" in the title field of the images within the Library modul. Then I go to "book preferences" under the book module Text Options and choose  "fill the text boxes with" --"Title Metadata". 


      I go back to book module and click the "page text" box on the right panel of the book module but all I get in the "page text" field below the image is "Page Text" but not "XYZ", although some pages did populate correctly. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I have saved all the meta data in the library modul, restarted Lightroom and made sure that the preferences in the Book Modul were set to "Fill Text Boxes with Title Metadata". Also I have check "constrain text captions to safe area".


      I don't want to enter titles in the page text one page at a time.



      What am I doing wrong? This should be easy not a pain in the neck!!!!


      Pleas help