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    Font help please in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


      I have Adobe Photoshop CC  2017

      I am on a PC with Windows 7


      There are a lot of fonts that I have installed onto my computer that Photoshop is not recognizing.  When I open up .psd files I get the error message that the font can't be resolved.


      I have uninstalled the fonts and reinstalled the fonts.  I have rebooted my computer after installing the fonts.  And still Photoshop does not see them.


      There is a large number of these fonts that I need for my projects.


      Paint and other programs see these fonts.


      The designers who made the .psd files use these fonts on their computers with Photoshop.


      Please tell me how to work around this error so I can use these fonts.


      The fonts are all 3rd party fonts that are working on other people's systems and Photoshop just fine.


      Thank you for any and all help!!


      Bluedolphin Crow