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    No Audio During Preview CC 2017

    Motion Media

      CC 2017 V14.1.0.57

      I can't get ausio output during preview.


      The audio is not muted

      I have trashed my prefs

      The audio options are selected for playing by during preview

      The 'mute if not real-time' is unchecked in the prefs

      The audio hardware and mapping are correct. (the same hardware works in all other adobe apps)

      I do get audio when I render to a file and playback the file.

      The audio meters in After FX show there is audio playing and look correct

      The audio has waveforms on the timeline that are accurate

      I have converted the audio file via adobe media encoder and audition to several formats, sampling rate and bit depths

      I've brought in other auiod files. still nothing


      It is very difficult to time things in After FX without audio preview.  I am using comp markers for now, but it's not the same.