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    Help with the basics of setting up permissions for one page

      I am just beginning to explore Contribute (I have been a Dreamweaver user for years) and am in need of a way to provide different users access to updating different pages of one of my sites. I tried to add a role that give one of my users access to a single page within the web site, but it seems to only allow folder permission. I also am somewhat concerned about the connection key ... does this email the user my administrative access information? I don't see anywhere that I am setting up a user/password for them. I would be concerned about sending admin information to a user who should only access and change the one page.

      I tried to get book on Contribute with no luck and have already gone through the built in tutorial. Anyone have a better suggestion for me to look for the basics? Thanks!
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          I'm going to say up front that I don't know Contribute real well, so I might be wrong. But, I'll tell you what (I think) I know. :)

          The permissions in Contribute (without the publishing server; don't remember if there's more control with the server piece) are pretty limited. Maybe you can add tags to pages to limit access? Not sure. Another thing you can do (and probably should do) is setup an FTP account for the user on your server. With FTP, you can set permissions per folder, per file and per user. When Contribute tries to publish something for that user, it would generate an FTP error.

          When you create an connection key, even if you use your admin account, the password is encrypted in the key. So, even if the user edits the connection, they can't see the password, only change it. But, you are right to be concerned. If you set them up with their own FTP account, when you are creating the key, you can tell Contribute that you want to provide different creds for key and you can put the user's FTP account and password in instead of yours.

          I hope that helps some. Sorry I couldn't be more certain.
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            Dominic Michael Adobe Employee
            When you click on the "Send Connection Key..." button in the Administer Website dialog, it opens the Send Connection Key wizard.
            1) Check the option "Include my FTP username and password." (So it will not ask the user for FTP authentication)
            2) Click Next to select the users.
            3) Select the way you want to send the connection key and enter the password. (When the user tries to connect using the connection key, it prompts for this password.) and send the connection key.
            All the information in the connection key is stored in the encrypted format.
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              Kathy_OCNC Level 1
              The way we have our users set-up is that they connect to our web server with FTP (each user has their own FTP user ID and password on the web server) and their Contribute role corresponds to their department folder (each department has it's own folder of web pages). I have created roles for each department and when I send a user a connection key, I select the option of "No, I would like to customize the connection settings for other users" so that I use their FTP login/password for their connection instead of mine and their role also gets specified in their connection key. Also, each user has rights to all folders on the web server because that was the only way we could get this to work with our ISP, however their Contribute role restricts them to their specified folder. I hope this is making sense.

              So you can restrict access to a folder or folders, but as far as creating a role that only has access to a specific page, I agree, I don't see how to do that in Contribute.