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    Can't open my ebook on my Kobo


      Hi, I've been having some problems with my kobo ID and adobe ID. I borrow ebooks from my local public library website and download them onto my kobo but when i tried to open the ebooks, it said that the ebook is protected by the Adobe Digital Rights Managements and not authorized for use with my Adobe ID whereas my Adobe ID and my Kobo ID are authorized. I used another library card to borrow ebooks, is that card not authorized with my Adobe ID? Is this a problem with my Adobe ID or a problem with my Kobo ID? Please help me.



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          sswanson1419@comcast.net Level 1

          I loved my original Kobo Touch.   It finally died and I have had the Kobo Aura Ed.2 for three weeks.  Like everyone else on this forum I now cannot read the library books-Overdrive and Adobe routed.  WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN FIXED!

          I have tried everything suggested online and contacted Kobo support twice.(pointless and frustrating).   Looking through forums-this has been happening for over a year!!!  Kobo said they are aware of the issue and working on it.  Really?   I am beyond frustrated and disappointed.  I am going to return the Kobo to Kobo store,  even though I have to pay return shipping.   Will be getting a Kindle Paperwhite instead.   Adobe and Kobo:  fix the problem with DRM protected books not opening!!!   You are losing customers.

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            syrah1 Level 1

            I believe it is an issue with the latest Kobo software update as I had the same problem too, not Adobe as I mine worked fine before so I reverted my Kobo to software dated December 2015 and this resolved the issue.



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              I have the same problem help?

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                And how did you do that ? (find the 2015 software). I have the same problem and feel very frustrated.

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                  sswanson1419@comcast.net Level 1



                  I might give that a try.  Can you tell me how you did this?  It's a new Kobo.  Also Kobo does automatic updates to the device so that might be a problem...



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                    I am having the same problem and cannot open any books that I borrow from the library or any books that I have purchased.

                    Has this issue been addressed as I am so frustrated - I key in my abode ID and password a million times and it does not work.  what is going on - I am soooooooo frustrated.


                    If I buy a kindle, does anyone know how to convert my sony/kobo library to kindle?

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                      syrah1 Level 1

                      This is all from memory as I can't redo it on my Kobo. This procedure is written for people with reasonable PC skills but not an IT boffin. It means you will not be able to access any purchased books on your Kobo in future as with WIFI being turned off the books are not accessible but this fix works for the library books.

                      Make sure that the Kobo Desktop is NOT running and you have WIFI disabled on your Kobo.

                      Click or open this link, by right clicking and open in new tab or new window:


                      Firmware 3.19.5761 - MobileRead Forums


                      This page should appear:

                      Under the first heading:

                      Mark 3 Hardware: Original Touch(N905/N905B Model)


                      select the link below it:



                      This will open a zip file, on my PC in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, click on this to unzip or open it.


                      Connect your Kobo to the computer and select Connect on the device (if asked), making sure WIFI is still turned off to stop automatic updates.

                      Open File Explorer.

                      Locate where the zip file has been extracted to (kobo-update-3.19.5761). On my PC it was in "Downloads".

                      Do not copy the original unopened zip file (kobo-update-3.19.5761) itself to the device, instead:

                      Open the zip file.

                                     The zip file contains the following 3 items:

                                     Upgrade folder




                      Select all 3 items together and copy the entire contents of the zip file to the .kobo directory on the Kobo.


                      Safely remove the device from Windows (or your operating system of choice).

                      Disconnect the device from your computer.

                      The device will now install the new software on your Kobo.

                      Do not switch WIFI back on as otherwise your Kobo will try to update its software back to the current version which we know does not work.


                      Hope this helps, if you need any more help or get stuck just ask.

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                        syrah1 Level 1

                        I forgot to say this worked for me for library books using either version of Adobe 3.0 or Adobe 4.5 which makes me think it is a problem with the new Kobo software version and not Adobe.

                        Let me know if it works for anyone.

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                          sswanson1419@comcast.net Level 1

                          Hi Syrah,

                          "A funny thing happened on the way to the forum..."

                          Thanks for your info!   I am saving it for now.  I had the last two books from the library actually OPEN on my ereader!  Let's hope something somewhere was fixed!  The only thing I did was download Epubor onto my computer.  It is supposed to take care of the DRM problem.  What is strange is that I didn't have to use it.  If I have another problem it is on the desktop and ready...   Anyway,  it is a free download,  just go to epubor.com.   If you are planning to do large numbers of books then you can buy a license for $20 from them.   I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next library loan.   Will update later.


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                            thank you syrah1!!!   i followed the instructions above.  easy.   i can read ebooks from the library again.