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    Latest LR CC Update Giving Me Issues with Side Panels on Mac Pro / Sierra

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      Ever since the most recent LR CC Update, I've been getting issues where for no reason I lose the side panels as seen in image below. If I minimize LR, and max it, it comes back, but then it will disappear again as below where I can't access sliders. This only started happening since the most recent updates. I'm using Mac Pro and Have latest version of Sierra. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?




      My Hardware:


      Hardware Overview:


        Model Name:    Mac Pro

        Model Identifier:    MacPro6,1

        Processor Name:    6-Core Intel Xeon E5

        Processor Speed:    3.5 GHz

        Number of Processors:    1

        Total Number of Cores:    6

        L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB

        L3 Cache:    12 MB

        Memory:    32 GB

        Boot ROM Version:    MP61.0116.B21

        SMC Version (system):    2.20f18

        Illumination Version:    1.4a6

        Serial Number (system):    F5KM60EXF9VN

        Hardware UUID:    DBB6CD64-3F04-52AA-8CB4-B07BA3BDA411