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    Accessing scenes in dynamically loaded MovieClip?

      Dear experts,

      I have successfully loaded an SWF file from an amfphp service and by using ThisTrick I can control the frames with .gotoAndStop() etc.

      However, when I try to access the scenes of the MovieClip it claims that there is only a single, unnamed scene even though I can see my list of scene names at the end of my clip. The clip is generated by ming 0.4.2. swfdump from swftools 0.8.1 says it is file version 5 but it bails out with " Unknown tag:0x056" when it reaches the scene list - which seems consitent with this Snort article. Looking at the raw data (emacs hexl-mode for instance) it seems like a rather straight forward list of offset/label pairs.

      For various other reasons, my app requires Flash 9 r124 or later.

      Is there any way to extract the scene list from the MovieClip or am I forced into some kind of ugly workaround using for instance the frame labels?

      Thanks in advance