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    Slow brushes on MacOS

    alexit3748321 Level 1

      I have just switched from Windows to MacOS Sierra (10.12.3) on my system. Trying out Photoshop CC 2017 the brushes are very sluggish and slow. This is both when using my Wacom Intuos Pro and a mouse.


      I've tried the different GPU settings in the performance options but it doesn't make any difference. Also turned off handwriting/inking in case that would affect things, but it didn't help.


      I haven't yet noticed any other performance issues, except for some UI quirks (like heavy filters needing to update the preview before the slider moves).


      This is on the same hardware I used to run Windows and performance in different benchmarks is where it should be. The difference in Photoshops brush performance is huge though. Bad enough that I'm looking for alternatives if I can't get it fixed.


      Has anyone else experienced the same issue and found a solution? Are there any confirmed issues?