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    Hardware check

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      i want to handel Full HD Video. I will produce 14 Projects with 20min Video so i think i get 1000min Sourcefiles.


      Is this Setup ok?


      http://www.agando-shop.de/pdf/create/datenblatt.php?products_id=1920&config=1920{4}2053{9} 1917{8}6482{10}6478{13}5722{1}…



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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          I do not like all the Hard disk drives and I cannot tell if they are 7200 rpm or lousy 5400 rpm.  The fact that they are hybrid with a smalll SSD cache will not be very useful with large sequential video files.  You would be much better off with some SSD's


          Some times having a sound card installed conflicts with Adobe.  Most editing computers do not have a separate sound card.


          You do have an M.2 connector but I cannot find an answer to see if it is a full 32Gbit/second PCIe Gen 3 x4 capability but if it is that is a great start you can put one Samsung M.2 960 Pro or EVO in and have a great editing system.  Hard disk drives are great for archiving and backup use but not for editing

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            markusj20294489 Level 1

            Hi, it is 7200 rpm Harddrive. I will use it in a raid 10 and hope it runs fast enough. Thank you