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      Hello, I bought lightroom 6 a few weeks ago and have not figured out how to download it, I keep getting hustled into buying the cloud services which I don't want. I called the company and was told that the only service is a chat room. I just keep going around and around in circles with them. It should be a simple process, I have downloaded much more complex programs onto my computer, with out a problem. Has anyone else had this problem, I tried the trial version it an easy program to use, but the company that supports it Sucks!! Any ideas how to get this downloaded

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Where and how did you buy it. When you bought it you should of gotten a download link and a serial number in either the packaging or in an email from the place of purchase.


          You can download from here.


          Install Photoshop Lightroom


          You can install either the 6 version or the CC version because they are exactly the same. It is how you sign in that makes the installed program either version.

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            peterw31883552 Level 1

            Thanks. In the end, I had actually downloaded it correctly, but shortly after received a message that the trial version was soon to expire. During that time I never shut my computer off when I did couldn’t access the program and thought that I downloaded the trial version and it had expired. Since the company doesn’t let us talk to a technician only access them through a chat site, which I found completely useless and had me endlessly going in circles with one person after another. If I could have talked with someone they could have checked that I in fact downloaded it correctly and that the trial version wasn’t an issue and could have helped me find that it was installed and where to find it. Instead they wasted lots of my time and me in turn wasted lots of there typing tech’s time.

            The program is great the company sucks and I wont hesitate passing this info around, They should spend more time helping customers, then trying to trick them into buying there monthly services,

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The trial version that you are being advised of is Lightroom Mobile. When you first install Lightroom 6 you are given an opportunity to evaluate the mobile service for a brief period of time. At the end of that evaluation time you will no longer have access to Lightroom Mobile. And that is why you are receiving the message that the mobile service is about to expire. It has nothing to do with the Lightroom program itself.

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                peterw31883552 Level 1

                Thank You. I am now unraveling how light room comes into a customers life. It is very confusing how the adobe bean counters chose to make this program interface with a new customer and more so because at every turn Cloud Service was being pushed on me. It should be a great experience whenever someone new walks into your shop, what they say about your products is your best advert, I was prepared for the cloud service hard sell because of what I found in researching what editing program to go with. But now have a terrible taste in my mouth about Adobe, Thanks for enlightening me on what transpired. Love the product hate the company!