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    Indesign will not print more than 1 copy of a file

    Ryanf3 Level 1

      InDesign will not print more than 1 copy of a file.

      Acrobat, Photoshop, Word, you name it and the software will print as many copies as i type in the "copies" box.


      But not for InDesign! I change it to any number other than 1, click print, out pops 1 copy. I change it to any other number, click "setup" in the print dialogue box then "preferences" for the printer. Cancel out of that and I see "Copies 1" again. InDesign really only wants to print 1 of anything.


      I even tried changing the quantity of copies in the setup and print dialogue boxes but they always default back to 1.


      I have reinstalled the Ricoh MPC4503 a dozen times, a dozen different ways with different drivers, auto installing, manually downloading the drivers from the Ricoh site etc.


      This is on a new Windows 10 PC. Never had this problem with InDesign on the old mac - same printer.