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    unable to acticate LR after upgrade

    ulrikei76141855 Level 1

      I used LR3 for years without problems but needed an upgrade for my new Nikon files, and also wanted to have the new features too. So I purchased the upgrade to LR6/CC. During installation process I was told I cannot activate because I have no Internet access, which was odd, as I certainly had i-net connection but after 3rd effort I clicked offline installation. Worked fine, I could do what I needed to do without problems then.


      Now I did not use LR for a couple of months due to my father's death follwed by a heavy flu attack - and now, to my huge surprise I am getting screens telling me I cannot access LR anymore. Sorry, Screens in german language.



      Can anyone from support please contact me? I am not very educated on the Computer, it would be really helpful if someone could help me via remote Access! I am sure you will need more time to coach me through the problem.


      Thank you,