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    Can I set multiple trigger keys to same group?

    RockyDavies Level 1

      Okay!  You guys are always so helpful, I appreciate it.


      So I have a puppet I'm building and I'm learning how to do the multiple emotions trigger options and such, which is awesome.  I figured out how to do multiple mouth sets but I want to pair each with multiple emotion sets.  I can't figure out how to do it.  For example, I want my "upset" mouth set to work with the "Angry (A)" eyes and the "Worried (W)" eyes and the "Sad (S)" eyes.  However, it will only let me set one keyboard trigger to the "upset" mouth set.  Why can't I activate the same mouth set with all three keyboard triggers?  I also tried adding another keyboard trigger behavior to the mouth set, but then there are no options on the behavior to add another keyboard trigger!


      The only workaround I found was to duplicate the entire "upset" mouth set several times and assign each one to a trigger, "A", "W", and "S."  That seems kinda wasteful and redundant.  Any help appreciated!

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Yes, currently you can only have one trigger per layer/group, so duplication is probably your best bet.


          Another option would be to trigger the mouth separately with another key, but then you would have to remember to press them both at the same time.


          There might be a hacky way to do this with some sort of complicated switching system with several nested folders - but I can't wrap my head around it!

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            RockyDavies Level 1

            Sounds good Samurai!  Your videos have been awesome.  I wish I had more time to play around and learn everything.


            In future updates, it would be nice to have multiple trigger keys per group.  Also, it would be awesome if the camera could follow arm movements.  I get that that may be stretching it now, but hooking up a kinect camera or something would be so awesome!


            I'll have to post my little animation, once I get it done.  Gotta remember how to use Ae, haha.