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    ModuleLoader Not Loading Second Module Properly

      Hello everyone. I suspect this is a relatively simple problem, but I can't figure out what is going on. Here's the scenario:

      - I have a simple TabNavigator with three tabs: Home, Transactions, Positions
      - Home is empty, Transactions and Positions each have a ModuleLoader that call separate modules. Each module is relatively complex and contains multiple components, custom components, and functions, both public and private.
      - When a tab is clicked, this code is run:

      private function loadTranModule():void {
      if (mainnavigator.selectedIndex == 1) {
      if (tranloader.url != "modules/MainTransactionsModule.swf") {
      tranloader.url = "modules/MainTransactionsModule.swf";
      } else {
      } else if (mainnavigator.selectedIndex == 2) {
      if (posloader.url != "modules/MainPositionsModule.swf") {
      posloader.url = "modules/MainPositionsModule.swf";
      } else {

      Now here's the problem:

      When I load the transactions module, it works fine. However, if I load the positions module after the transactions module is already loaded, many of the functions simply do not work. If I load the positions module first, all functions work perfectly, but then if I load the transactions module after that, many of the functions in the transactions module don't work.

      For example, I have a pie chart in the positions module. If I load the positions module first, you can hover over individual slices and it pops up the DataTips. If I open the transactions module first and the positions module second, you can only see the DataTips if you click the slices of the pie.

      Another example: if I load the positions module first and then the transactions module, a function I have that calls an HTTPService object doesn't fire.

      Other examples that may help you in your quest to help me:

      - ComboBoxes don't drop down when clicked in the second-loaded module.
      - DateChoosers don't pop up with the calendar when selected in a DateField.
      - Individual rows in DataGrids are selectable, but selecting the column headers does nothing (normally sorts by that column)
      - Mouse hover events seem not to be firing, though click events seem to be firing at times.
      - States aren't changing properly.

      For reference, all of these things function perfectly when the module is loaded first in the application, but fail when it is loaded second.

      Can somebody please help?